eCommerce Websites

Multiple variations with multiple attributes create easily a catalogue of several thousands of products. Allow your customers to see and choose their preferred items.

Dynamic Websites

Real Estate agencies have permanently changing content. Reservations, bookings, ancillary products, all readily available 24 hours and 7 days a week. Do not miss this opportunity while you are resting from a busy day at the office.

A perfect web presence allows your visitors to navigate your website easily.
Links and information need to be found easily, this makes the structure of the site one of the most important details.

Further, an appealing style is required, modern and still appropriate for your customers. Allow a visitor to feel comfortable, identify your website with your local business.

The structure, the text and images, the colours and the individual page appearance are created with this vision. During the entire process your observations will be discussed and implemented, creating the web presence you are looking to provide.

At K-Designed we are using technology which allows details of your website to be changed whenever needed, updating, adding or removing products, giving individual pages a changing look with new images.

This creates confidence at the customers end, it shows every visitor that you are enhancing your business to stay on top.