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Slide Domain Names K-Designed Sarl - Domain Name Service Your presence on the internet starts with a well thought for domain name. Talk to us, we will assist you. Slide Domain Names .com .org .info .pro .bike .gallery .guru .net .mobi .clothing .tel .biz .ma .estate .tv .co .eu .plumbing .tips .equipment .voyage .today Still not enough? We have many more....

Slide Hosting Service Shared Server - Dedicated Server - Cloud Server
Tailored or almost everything
Hosting with K-Designed
Slide Hosting Service eMail hosting - Website & eCommerce hosting

Fast and reliable SSD-drives
cPanel access - CloudFlare integrated
Backup -SSL certificate included

Managed by us or by you

Slide Your Web Presence Social Media Service by K-Designed Blogging by K-Designed Media by K-Designed Sarl Networking your Webapperance Marketing by K-Designed Sarl Slide Your Web Presence Websites - Design and Development Multimedia Brochures for the Web Online Live and Recorded Audio Streams Social Media Service Product Photography

Slide ePOS for You ePOS solution by K-Designed Sarl Slide ePOS for You Customized to fit your needs in Groceries Bakeries Cafés Confiseries Restaurants Take-Aways Deliveries Beauty Salons Dry Cleaners Events Sport & Fitness Museums
Discover our abilities and the possibilities for you are endless.
Reliable service, Support and Assistance whenever needed, the extra mile you are looking for. This is K-Designed Sarl

IT - Services


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Questions and answers

1Why do I need a domain name and a hosting?
Hosting is like an apartment, your website and emails are inside this space. The domain name is the address to find the apartment.
2How long will it take to activate my domain name and the hosting?
Domain names are usually between 5 minutes and 72 hours ordering available, this depends on the internet, it is not in our hands. Hosting will be available withing minutes after ordering.
3On the hosting account, do I have access and control?
We offer managed and non-managed service. You have your own cPanel access and can control everything from there.
4Can I have my existing website and emails transferred?
You can do this yourself or request us to do it for you, it will happen very quickly.
5Can I upgrade my account?
You can upgrade to any of our packages at any time. We will add a pro-rata fee and it will happen immediately. No loss of data or transfer required.
6Do you offer also https connections?
Yes, we do, the SSL connection can be ordered separately, upgrading from existing http:// to https:// depends on the type of the website you presently have. The benefit is a higher SEO ranking, a secure and trusted connection, there is also a speed enhancement observable. Please contact us for your needs.


SSD-drives, SSL-certificates, Cloud Flare enabled, AntiVirus checks and much more

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